Leaving a lasting impact one brick at a time.

Woodhaven Development Group is a privately-held, full-service commercial real estate development company – with offices in Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina – specializing in the retail development space. We have built a reputation for successful execution and timely delivery with a focus in four Southeastern markets: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. We deliver strategic solutions for growing companies that have expansion needs, taking tremendous care to make sure that the best interests of all parties involved are taken into account and obliged. Although every project we initiate varies, our team mostly focuses on ground up, build to suit, and value-add redevelopment opportunities.

With volatile real estate markets, it is imperative to find a trusted partner that can help you navigate the oft changing landscape. Woodhaven possesses not only the market knowledge, but also the experience to help our clients seek the best possible opportunities that fit within their strategic expansion, while anticipating and mitigating the inherent market risks.

Rooted in Values: Making sound decisions which reflect our values and are directed towards a specific purpose.

Work with the highest ethical standards to create a safe and trusting environment for all parties involved.

Push forward with unwavering effort even when met with difficulties or failures.

Work towards successful project outcomes by solving difficult problems.

Forge long lasting relationships with customers, team members, and investors.

Achieve success through systematic discipline and efficient operations.

Strive to lead rich lives through community involvement and meaningful time with family and friends.

Pursue everything we do with unbridled enthusiasm and excitement.

Building in Progress

Fulfilling our mission and working steadily toward our vision.

Vision:  To make lasting changes that positively impact people’s lives through responsible and sustainable real estate development, and community outreach.

Mission:  We achieve the highest possible standards through relationship building, superior performance, and continuously striving to better ourselves.