Woodhaven focuses on commercial retail development, but we have completed other projects across assorted asset types.  Our development services are keenly focused on retail ground up, build to suit, and value-add redevelopment opportunities. We deliver investor-friendly, quality product on time and under budget.

Our approach to development is tailored to each precise location and more specifically each project we undertake.  From single tenant users to multi-anchored shopping centers, we have the experience and knowledge to move the project ahead quickly from inception to completion.  We work through every aspect of the development process and leave no stones unturned through our detail-oriented approach.

Ground up development: Positively impact people’s lives through responsible and sustainable ground up development.

Developing from the ground up has a myriad of moving parts that require a fundamental understanding of the process and expertise in each of its varying facets.  Each step in a project is iterative and needs to be carefully considered and planned, as they are all interconnected and paramount to the project’s ultimate success.  Each step assuredly has a short-term impact and long-term consequences for the project as a whole.

Woodhaven has a mastery of the complex set of skills, tactics, and strategies that are necessary for favorable project outcomes. We take a proactive approach encompassing the land acquisition all the way through to the assets disposition.  By carefully mapping every step and considering the various outcomes to each decision and how it interrelates to the project as a whole, we avoid being caught off guard. Our relationships, knowledge, experience, and detailed planning enable us to create exactly what is envisioned and to ensure the project’s success.  

Build to suit: Implement a tenant-centric approach throughout every step of the process.

Choosing the right developer for a build to suit project is extremely important.  This process potentially binds the landlord and tenant for an extended period of time.  It is important to select a developer with the financial wherewithal, expertise, and capacity to undertake such an agreement.  Additionally, the developer needs to work within the tenant’s framework to achieve the desired results.

At Woodhaven, we possess the financial capability and the necessary experience to achieve the highest results.  We understand our clients needs and work rigorously to fulfill those as they represent the most important piece in a successful build to suit project.  We strive to exceed expectations by catering the project to each client in a manner that is distinctly customized to their liking. Working within our clients’ specifications enables us to deliver a superior product on time and under budget. 

Value-Add Redevelopment:  Possess the vision and wherewithal to recognize potential in underutilized assets.

Redevelopment can revitalize an entire community; it leaves a lasting impact that can be felt for decades and beyond.  When undertaking such a project, it is important to consider the multitude of ways that it can affect the surrounding areas, and commence the project with this in mind.  Moreover, it is necessary to have the skill set to be able to see the “diamonds in the rough,” and the knowledge to maximize its potential.

At Woodhaven, we believe in making lasting changes that positively impact people’s lives.  When we initiate a redevelopment project, we carefully consider the responsible and sustainable ways to progress.  Furthermore, we possess the insight and vision to see something where someone else may not. We work judiciously to achieve the highest and best use for untapped properties, thus adding value to the property and its surrounding community.